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Nuclear Power Petition

         Petition to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, in Legislature

"We, the undersigned residents of Alberta, object to the development and use of nuclear power in Alberta, and we petition the Legislative Assembly to urge the Government of Alberta to develop an energy policy which encourages conservation, promotes the use of safe, clean, renewable energy sources and explicitly rejects nuclear power in this province."


If you are concerned about the prospects of Nuclear Power in Alberta you can simply print the PDF file above and have people sign this petition. Make sure that all of the information is properly entered on the appropriate line otherwise the names will not be counted. Note; phone/email column is optional.


Once completed the petitions can be;

Mailed to:


Peace River Environmental Society

Box 6314

P.R., T8S 1S2


or contact one of the PRES executive for more options. Contact 

                    See MLA Frank Oberle's presentation of more than 1000 residents in the legislature; Oberle MLA pdf

                   Sign a no-nuke petition here;








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